Vicksburg Class of '79 - 30th Class Reunion Pictures
*Thank you Diane Amos Webster for the pictures I borrowed from you on Facebook :)

 alexhsully.jpg (135461 bytes) Vern Hazard's Daughter

 bd.jpg (76595 bytes) Brad Heimstra and Deb Mahr Peterson

bg.jpg (57880 bytes) Bruce Glidden and his wife Yolanda/Mike Chaney and his son

 debrandy2009.jpg (117788 bytes) Deb Mahr Peterson and Randy Jensen

reserved.jpg (86417 bytes) bill.jpg (37421 bytes) Bill Manuszak

 brianeating.jpg (111358 bytes) Brian Klassen (Vickie Harber Klassen's husband)

chuckdon.jpg (170375 bytes) Chuck Myers and wife Connie and Don Carra

 chuckp.jpg (126581 bytes) Chuck Peterson, Deb Mahr Peterson's husband

 danbenita.jpg (149664 bytes) Dan Hayward and his wife, Benita

davemark.jpg (81156 bytes) Dave Meisner and Mark Hayward

 dawnandy2009.jpg (178447 bytes) Dawn Hippen Hall and Andy Lawrence

dawnhh2009.jpg (97819 bytes) Dawn Hippen Hall

 dd.jpg (77100 bytes) Doug Forsythe and Dan Smittendorf

 ddd.jpg (65442 bytes) Don Carra, Dan Smittendorf, and Diane Amos

beerwedgie.jpg (85258 bytes) ddj.jpg (38442 bytes) Deb Billington Atlas, Diane Amos Webster, Jeannie Baker Wales

ddon.jpg (82355 bytes) Dan Smittendorf and Don Carra

debchuck2009.jpg (133258 bytes) Deb Mahr Peterson and her husband Chuck

 debjackie.jpg (107712 bytes) Jacki Fryling Stevens and Deb Billington Atlas

 debp2009.jpg (128273 bytes) Deb Mahr Peterson

debwa2009.jpg (137399 bytes) Deb Wolthuis Anderson

dj.jpg (72741 bytes) Deb Billington Atlas and Jeannie Baker Wales

djs.jpg (69631 bytes) Dawn Hippen Hall, Jacki Fryling Stevens, Sue Brown Slater

group1.jpg (253166 bytes) dougf2009.jpg (91661 bytes) Doug Forsythe

dr.jpg (49541 bytes) Doug Forsythe and Randy Jensen

ds.jpg (34748 bytes) Dawn Hippen Hall and Sue Brown Slater

DSC04760.JPG (161348 bytes) Lisa Spieldenner Schering and Bill Manuszak

DSC04761.JPG (136640 bytes) Jeannie Baker Wales, Jacki Fryling Stevens, Deb Billington Atlas

DSC04771.JPG (293453 bytes) Tiffiny Manuszak, Jeannie Baker Wales

group2.jpg (244961 bytes) DSC04767.JPG (185797 bytes) Benita Hayward and Rhonda Yeager Vroman

DSC04768.JPG (194350 bytes) Dan Hayward

DSC04769.JPG (163780 bytes) Vickie Harber Klassen and Sue Brown Slater

DSC04774.JPG (189883 bytes) Ron Topp, Chris Glidden Topp, Lisa Spieldenner Schering

DSC04775.JPG (210245 bytes) Lisa Spieldenner Schering

DSC04789.JPG (189511 bytes) Tonya Fleetwood

DSC04799.JPG (145364 bytes) Yolanda Glidden, Ron Topp, Chris Glidden Topp

DSC04801.JPG (187372 bytes) Kevin and Jill Spiegelberg, Doug Forsythe, Vickie Harber Klassen and her daughter

group3.jpg (259242 bytes) DSC04778.JPG (186110 bytes) Bill Manuszak, Trent Hammond, Matt Fleetwood

DSC04793.JPG (243802 bytes) Jerry Taylor, Jill Spiegelberg

DSC04794.JPG (182646 bytes) Deb Mahr Peterson and Melanie Decker Boyd

DSC04800.JPG (156038 bytes) Randy Jensen, Bruce Glidden, Vern Hazard

DSC04802.JPG (188507 bytes) Jerry Taylor, Kevin Spiegelberg

DSC04806.JPG (179430 bytes) Dawn Hippen Hall, Sue Brown Slater, Jacki Fryling Stevens, Diane Amos Webster

 DSC04808.JPG (150136 bytes) Kevin Spiegelberg, Chuck Myers, Jill Spiegelberg, Connie Myers

DSC04809.JPG (194771 bytes) Group Shot

DSC04827.JPG (175624 bytes) Group Shot

group4.jpg (171947 bytes) DSC04812.JPG (169344 bytes) Dan Smittendorf, Don Carra, Dan Crouch

 DSC04823.JPG (137562 bytes) Sandy Glenn Skinner, Randy Jensen

DSC04826.JPG (180581 bytes) Doug Vroman, Benita Hayward, Rhonda Yeager Vroman

DSC04843.JPG (181898 bytes) Mark Hayward

DSC04859.JPG (107518 bytes) Group Shot

DSC04860.JPG (171277 bytes) Group Shot

DSC04883.JPG (177292 bytes) Kevin and Jill Spiegelberg

group2009.jpg (140462 bytes) Group Shot

jeanie2009.jpg (119104 bytes) Jeannie Baker Wales

juliesandy.jpg (130045 bytes) Julie Hutchins Dodge and daughter and Sandy Glenn Skinner

kent.jpg (81621 bytes) Kent & Shelly McCauley and Don Carra

ksdm2009.jpg (134003 bytes) Kent and Shelly McCauley, Dawn Hippen Hall

matt2009.jpg (119976 bytes) Matt Fleetwood

mdddd.jpg (86512 bytes) Mike Scott, Doug Forsythe, Dave Meisner, Dan Smittendorf, Diane Amos Webster

mikeson2009.jpg (135757 bytes) Mike Chaney and son

randyj.jpg (82901 bytes) Randy Jensen

sd.jpg (59234 bytes) Sandy Glenn Skinner and Dawn Hippen Hall

Sue.jpg (84841 bytes) Sandy Skinner, Jacki Fryling Stevens, Sue Brown Slater

trentrobin.jpg (91268 bytes) Trent & Robin Hammond

verndaughter.jpg (87168 bytes) Vern Hazard and daughter

vickiek2009.jpg (108394 bytes) Vickie Harber Klassen

group5.jpg (169187 bytes) DSC04875.JPG (176105 bytes) Jeanine Hart Meisner, Matt Fleetwood and family

DSC04877.JPG (35857 bytes) Dan Hayward, Sue Brown Slater, Deb Wolthuis Anderson

DSC04884.JPG (177786 bytes) Connie and Chuck Myers

janetjodi.jpg (110071 bytes) Janet Lawrence and Jodi Carra

jerry2009.jpg (109176 bytes) Jerry Taylor

kathyshook2009.jpg (136661 bytes) Kathy Shook Waldron and son

kevin.jpg (82643 bytes) The Spiegelbergs, Vickie Harber Klassen

lmj.jpg (89806 bytes) Lisa Spieldenner Schering, Mike Scott and son, Jeanine Hart Meisner

mc.jpg (81861 bytes) Mike Chaney

mel.jpg (188471 bytes) Andy and Melanie Decker Boyd

mks.jpg (87574 bytes) Matt Fleetwood, Kathy Shook Waldron, Sandy Glenn Skinner

rhonda2009.jpg (95188 bytes) Rhonda Yeager Vroman and daughter

shook22009.jpg (174619 bytes) Kathy Shook Waldron and Trent & Robin Hammond

td.jpg (89221 bytes) Trent Hammond, Dan Smittendorf

vd.jpg (61163 bytes) Vern Hazard and Deb Wolthuis Anderson

verndave.jpg (99309 bytes) Vern Hazard and Dave Meisner

vromanseating.jpg (120371 bytes) Doug and Rhonda Yeager Vroman