Updated 8/18/04
Class of '79 Reunion Pictures

Evelyn Sayer sent in some nice pictures (Thanks, Evelyn!) and I got some on the digital camera - ENJOY!

(Click on the little pic to see the BIG PICTURE - if you have a dial up connection, it will take a minute for them to load)

annevicsheri.jpg (48601 bytes)Anne Skippers Biac, Vic and Sheri Short Sherman, and Cindy Rolfe

bryanmike.jpg (40545 bytes)Bryan and Cathy Ross, and Michael Scott

danmike.JPG (62183 bytes)Dan Hassan, Mike Rice, Sharon Brockway Hassan, Amy Royal Meisel

lisaannerobinpaula.jpg (25046 bytes)Lisa Spieldenner Schering, Anne Skippers Biac, Robin Houtkooper Webb, Paula Hayward Brundige

dawnsandykathygrace.jpg (45756 bytes)Dawn Hippen Hall, Sandy Glenn Skinner, Kathy Shook Waldron, Grace Stolarz Richards
jerryvickie.jpg (51130 bytes)Jerry Taylor, Vickie Harber Klassen, Vickie's son Scott, Vickie Raymond Kemph, Grace Stolarz Richards with her son, George
kevingerry.jpg (27533 bytes)Kevin Moore, Gerry Delahanty
kurttracy.jpg (46812 bytes)Kurt Wetzler, Dave Meisner, Tracy Hartman Boyd, and Brad Hiemstra
bruce_vic_ kevin_dan.jpg (114236 bytes)From Left to right - Vic Sherman, Dan Hayward's back, Kevin Spiegelberg, Bruce Rolfe, and Greg Lawrick - Sue Markle's Husband
100_1136.jpg (132827 bytes)Dawn Hippen Hall and her husband, Mike
barbr.jpg (97533 bytes)Barb Rambow
100_1137.jpg (79959 bytes)Lisa Daniels Kreutz and her husband Chris at the front, Lynette and Tim Wolthuis next to them, and Julie Hutchins Dodge and her daughter at the back table
mikecindybradlarry.jpg (93901 bytes)Mike Palmer and Cindy Rolfe Palmer, Larry Eberstein, Warner Offord way in the back, Brad Hiemstra, and Palmer's Daughters
kevin_jill.jpg (103844 bytes)Kevin and Jill Spiegelberg
vickier.jpg (114457 bytes)Vickie Raymond Kemph
karenjeaninedeb.jpg (101039 bytes)Karen Shearer Middaugh, Debbie Wolthuis Anderson, and Jeanine Hart Meisner
100_1138.jpg (95905 bytes)Linda Ridenour Offord and her husband, Warner on the left.  Pam and Kent McCauley on the right, and at the back table, Robin Hammond and kids (Trent's Wife)
100_1139.jpg (100740 bytes)Kathy Shook Waldron, Sherri Short Sherman, and Linda Gragg VanderStraaten
100_1140.jpg (110180 bytes)Vickie Raymond Kemph, Ed Schering, Lisa Spieldenner Schering, Barb Rambow, and Bruce Rolfe
100_1151.jpg (53044 bytes)Grace Stolarz Richards
trent.jpg (68941 bytes)Trent Hammond
100_1142.jpg (89865 bytes)Sara Henderson Olmstead, Deb Maher Peterson, Barb Rambow, and Dan Crouch
100_1154.jpg (48691 bytes)Chuck Peterson, Deb Maher's husband
dawn_grace.jpg (103176 bytes)Dawn Hippen Hall and Grace Stolarz Richards
dan_punky_evelyn.jpg (131203 bytes)Dan Crouch, Willard Lafler, and Evelyn Sayer
diane.jpg (84951 bytes)Evelyn Sayer and Diana Reynolds
100_1157.jpg (47749 bytes)Gerry Delahanty
100_1158.jpg (47322 bytes)Tracy Hartman Boyd and Brad Hiemstra
100_1159.jpg (53202 bytes)Brad Hiemstra and Kurt Wetzler
larry_brad.jpg (123798 bytes)Larry Eberstein and Bran Hiemstra
danc.jpg (114651 bytes)Dan Crouch
joyce_kelly.jpg (109378 bytes)Joyce Hadley Moore and Kelly Catolica Coville
100_1144.jpg (87506 bytes)Kevin Spiegelberg and Don Carra
100_1160.jpg (53438 bytes)Karen Shearer Middaugh and Chris Glidden Topp
100_1162.jpg (54780 bytes)Ron Topp, Chris' husband
100_1161.jpg (54475 bytes)Randy Middaugh, Karen's husband
100_1153.jpg (47681 bytes)Vickie Raymond Kemph
100_1156.jpg (47296 bytes)Bob Middaugh
100_1146.jpg (77184 bytes)Sandy Glenn Skinner and her kids
sue_b.jpg (85700 bytes)Sue Bowersox VerMeulen (on left)
100_1155.jpg (43305 bytes)Jerry Taylor and Doug Forsythe
vicks_004.jpg (59002 bytes)Lisa Daniels Kreutz and Beth Portinga King
fultonclass1979.jpg (111766 bytes)Fulton Class of '79 - Evelyn Sayer, Chuck Myers,Vickie Raymond Kemph, Dan Crouch, Trent Hammond, Jerry Taylor, Kathy Shook Waldron, Barb Rambow, Willard Lafler, Christine Thompson, Grace Stolarz Richards, Danny Hayward
pupnky.jpg (94843 bytes)Willard Lafler (a.k.a. Punky)
group 1.jpg (124374 bytes)Debbie and Jay Wolf, (you can see Kurt Wetzler behind them) Sue Markle Lawrick, Sue's Mom, and Sue's Husband Greg, and I can see Sheri Short Sherman there in pink - and Jacki Fryling Stevens and her husband Kirby
100_1147.jpg (84684 bytes)Sandy Glenn, Lisa Daniels, and Vickie Raymond
100_1150.jpg (67567 bytes)Deb Maher Peterson and Don Carra
diane2.jpg (45157 bytes)Diane Amos Webster was unable to make it to the reunion, but sent us a picture to share of herself and family!
brianboone.jpg (17285 bytes)Brian Boone was unable to make it to the reunion, but sent us a picture to share!
bryanburma.jpg (17010 bytes)Bryan Burma was unable to make it to the reunion, but sent us a picture to share!
markh.jpg (54627 bytes)Mark Hayward was unable to make it to the reunion, but he sent a picture to share!
howard.jpg (45797 bytes)Debbie Rice Howard was unable to make it to the reunion, but here is a nice set of pictures of her and her family!!
randy.jpg (28315 bytes)Randy Bailey sent this wonderful picture in to share!