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March 9, 2018 - I am glad February is over, only because I hate typing that word. February and Wednesday have always given me grief on the spelling side of life. Those are words I have to actually say phonically in my head whilst typing... FEB  RU  ARY and WED NES DAY...

I am tickled pink with all the birds that are back up for spring time. The only thing missing now is SPRING!! Burrrrrrr. The red-winged black birds and sandhill cranes and geese galore are out in doves and are very loud about announcing their presence but I'm pretty sure they are freezing their birdie butts off. I have even heard robins, but I've yet to spot one. Guess the worms are still rather frozen for them to be on the ground yet...

My oldest son is a truck driver and he was at a stop and saw a ton of birds eating from this pile of something in the lot he was at. He sent a Snapchat showing the goings on and said, "I don't know what it is, but they sure like it..." My husband, who we've the given technology to see these Snap Chats watched it several times and said, "He should have gotten out and tasted it." Ah, it is the little things...

We had our 38th Anniversary on March 1st. After all these years time has lost all meaning and the years are all smushed together in our minds. He got me the coolest yard spinner. It is colorful and has solar lights that glow at night.

March 10, 2018 - Well, I posted yesterday before I was done blabbing, now didn't I? Silly me...

Today I did see a robin! It is official! Almost hit it with my car, but it still - a robin! Spring hopes eternal! (Or something like that...)  We went to breakfast this morning, then went over to the hardware so I could make a copy of our house key. They had SOLAR DASHBOARD DUCKIES! Seriously - I squealed with joy! I did not have my reading glasses on when I grabbed one to buy, and I swear it said they were 7.99, but a DUCK - well, I would pay ANY price for a solar dashboard duckie!!  When he rang me up, it came to 3.95 for the duck and the key. "Wait, the duck is 7.99!" He said, "No, the duck is 1.99!" It was a good morning. We then went to get groceries along with apparently every other human in the greater tri-state area. Lordy, the place was packed, but groceries were had and we came home and put it all away. I almost ran off the road several times whilst admiring my dancing duck, though. Don't duck and drive, kids!

I sat outside listening to the red-winged black birds. I think I use this as meditation time to be honest, listening to my birdies. I can hear so many things being said when they call out - "carpe diem' and 'potpourri' and various other words... Of course I am sure they are just saying, "There is that crazy lady that feeds us! Chit Chit louder! We're almost out of food!"

Last weekend we celebrated our 38th anniversary by going to Red Lobster. That is our go to place for that occasion. I had my crab legs and various incarnations of shrimp and was a happy camper. In the old days we would go to Red Lobster and drink and eat and drink and come home and, well, you know - wink wink and nudge nudge all night - but those days are gone. Last weekend I was content just to get all the meat out of each crab leg in one whole piece. The next day, we took my Mom in Law out for her 93rd Birthday Breakfast. I enjoy spending time with my husband's family. Mom seemed to enjoy it, too.

This afternoon, after bird meditation, I soaked in a hot hot tub with a bath bomb called 'Boss Lady' - the water turned the most luscious color of purple, but as the bath bomb, well - bombing - it was so pretty. I am so easily pleased by shiny and colorful things. As we've established before,I'm a cheap date...  Even my husband used the hot water for a good soak as his left side has been hurting him. We all should have a good hot soak from time to time to cure what ails us. (I am sure he would not admit to that to anyone about soaking in my bath bomb waters and I am grateful he doesn't read this blog. He claims he lives with me so why read about it again??) Hahahahaha.

March 15, 2018 - I had to break out a new bra this week. "Old Faithful" was not very supportive anymore. The new bra is very supportive and I hate that. If I wanted to be held in a vice like state, I would hope it was a handsome younger male attempting to do so, not a bra. When I take the new bra off at night, my body makes an audible sigh of relief and I hear all my upper body parts saying, "Why did you do that to us? What were you thinking? What have we ever done to you!?!?!"

All women who wear bras have a favorite bra. The favorite bra is like an old friend. Parting ways with the old bra is very hard, but at some point you have to let them go due to the fact they are no help at all when it comes to support from gravity. There should be a graveyard of honor for trusty old bras. That being said....

Bras in general are awful things. I hate bras. If I had my way, I'd be dragging the girls along beside me on the ground and be bra-free. Bras are a travesty against Nature and should be banned. However, our society frowns upon boobs hanging below the knee so bras are worn to protect the innocent. (If you are young and still perky, I would NOT wear a bra, if it were me. I would let the perky girls be free.) Alas, old fat women with larger breasts tend to get these two sagging former milk bags that are attempting to find their way to the core of the Earth. They will get stuck under you at night in bed. They will get shut into doors and drawers. That is just the way it is and I accept that, but I do so hate bras. When I walk in the door at home after work I have my bra off in seconds (it is rather like a magic trick). As my poor neighbors are well aware, there is no bra after work hours for Sandy. (I do, on occasion, wear a bra when the kids are here just to throw them off track and make them think "Oh my Gosh she's wearing a bra - she must be dying.."  but when they were growing up all the kids' friends KNEW this was a rule and there would be flopping and hanging once they walked in the door....)

My husband and Rocko the Cat had a run in the other night. I was happily sleeping away in the bedroom when I heard this horrid screaming of a cat in trouble. I instinctively got up to "let Rocko in" assuming he was fighting a neighbor cat outside. This was not the case. (My husband will start out in bed at night, but then body parts hurt and such so he'll end up sleeping the rest of the night in his lazy boy.) I stumbled to the front door to save Rocko's life and my husband said, "He's not out there..." in the most darkest way he could say it. Rocko had been harassing my husband after he went to sleep in the chair by scratching on the front door then running to the back door, then knocking things off the side table. My husband tried to let him outside, which is obviously what the cat wanted, but when Rocko felt the cold air he would run away then start the harassment process all over again. This game went on for a bit and finally husband had had enough of Rocko's chicanery. He went to grab him to toss Rocko outside but caught his back leg and tail instead. That was what caused the horrid cat calls I heard and reacted to... Our relationship with Rocko is a love/hate relationship. Rocko is not a cuddler or lover. Rocko is a former city kitty who has been in too many situations to even consider being lovey dovey with us. He does, however, snuggle up to my husband from time to time. I resent this, as I would love to have a snuggle kitty. Alas, it is not to be with Rocko. I would love to play with Rocko but Rocko does not play per say - he grabs your skin and rips off body parts. Sigh. I think now, though - he will respect my husbands need for sleep a bit more after the whole tail yanking incident.

March 20, 2018 - Oh, my - I've been so angry the last two day. At what, I'm not sure? Work - we all get angry at work. I have had an issue dealing with humans at work the last two days. I have to constantly watch my mouth and breathe deeply to avoid going to jail from harming people in the work place. It has not been pretty. I've been Lewis Black incarnate. (From Wikipedia they say this about Lewis - "
Black's style of comedy is that of a man who, in dealing with the absurdities of life and contemporary politics, is approaching his personal limits of sanity.") This describes me to the letter the last few days. Except the man part...

I am not sure if it is just WORK or HUMANS in general or the fact I was sick and this is what is left of my fever fit. Last Thursday night we went grocery shopping and then ate at Subway. When we got home and all the groceries were put away and my chores were done, I felt funny. Well, I felt 'heavy' and achy. My first thought was I was getting sick, but I didn't feel sick except for being 'heavy' and achy, of course... Friday morning when the alarm went off at 5:30 and I stumbled out of bed, I KNEW I have a fever. After 57 years, you kind of know that you are full blown sick. I took my temp as I sat on the toilet. It was 102.7. (Mind you, for the purpose of drama, I reported my fever at 103 to anyone who cared ask. After all, one must round up, yes?) Once you know you are sick and have a fever, it is very easy for the mind to kick in and take over the whole situation and volunteer some nausea and diarrhea while it increases the gravity around your general area to the point where you feel that walking is impossible. I appreciate my brains efforts to take part in my well being and it was more than generous but I could have done without all the other symptoms. 

My first thought was to blame Subway in my head. "Food poisoning!" I said to myself, feeling quite convinced it was just that. I got on line and worked for a bit until I knew I had some backup and finally threw in the towel as it were. Well, not quite yet...

When I feel like I have flu symptoms (which I certainly did Friday morning) the only thing I want to do is soak in a hot bath. I drew a hot bath. I got in the hot bath. It felt divine, soothing my aching joints, until I started dry heaving in that bath which caused the whole body to go on red alert and open up any and all sphincter muscles I thought I still possessed some control over. It was NOT a pretty sight in that tub...

I got up and cleaned myself off in the shower and then I cleaned the tub several times, then I threw in the towel(s) and went to bed. Sigh.

I felt that flu like the rest of the day, although sleeping kept my mind off of it but caused some very,very strange dreams. When my husband got home he made me a bowl of soup, and I went back to bed at seven p.m. and slept all night. Saturday I felt 'tired' and beat up, but better. I tried to do some household chores and I did do some, but my knees and elbows would ache so I used that an excuse to just be lazy all day. Sunday I felt like a whole new human, free of exploding body holes and aches.

I have been trying to mail an envelope with a wee surprise via the normal 'snail' mail to my BFF in North Carolina. This all started last Thursday, I had it ready to go and had the receptionist weigh it for me so I would apply enough postage. I applied the right postage according to our work scale thingy. I put it in our out of office to the post office box at work and low and behold, it arrived back to my house on Saturday. An "Insufficient postage" tag was on it, and they are kind to make them removable nowadays so you can peel that off, affix the needed postage and try again. Or so I thought. I must have ready the tag wrong, thinking it said I needed two dollars worth of postage. I slapped on two more stamps to bring the total up to five stamps and tried mailing AGAIN on Monday. Well, guess who came back? Now it stated I was one dollar short. UGH. I supposed had I read the original return notice properly, this would not have happened. This time I stuck enough stamps on that thing mail a large cow, and will once again attempt to mail it tomorrow. I wrote on the back, "If this comes back a third time, I am driving the damned thing down to you..."

Tonight my husband offered to take me to supper to help me get over my 'bad day' attitude. I wanted goulash and it was Tuesday and the only means Theo and Stacy's! We drove up and as we were getting out of the car, my husband said, "Um........I forgot my wallet..." He did look genuinely sorry, but I am a big girl after all, and I told him I could buy my own pity party supper. Sigh.